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Guild News

7/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras!!!!

Great progress after the first week, still recruiting exceptional DPS/Healers for our core mythic raid team as well as rBGs/Arena. Fill out an app or message us in game for more information.
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Guild News

2/7 Mythic!!

Still looking to recruit exceptional players. Apply here or contact us in game.
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1/7 Mythic!!! Still recruiting exceptional DPS!!

Got our 2nd kill on mythic Nythendra tonight, going for 2nd boss tomorrow!
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Guild News

7/7 Normal and 6/7 Heroic

Good progress for our first week, still looking to recruit exceptional players. Apply here or contact us in game.
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Guild News

Now Recruiting for Legion Content!!

We are currently recruiting all classes/specs for legion. As for raiders we are looking for exceptional players that can maintain great attendance and performance in the raid. Everyone is welcome to join us for pvp. We have serious pvpers that g...
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Preparing For Legion!!

Legion Pre-Patch is soon get ready for some fun!!.
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Guild News

Highmaul 1/7M

Looking for that Twin Ogron kill this week. Lets get it!
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Raiding in WoD! Highmaul

We start raiding Dec. 3, be 635, and send wyndorn your class and spec.Please read your dungeon journals and any articles or videos you can to prepare for the up coming raid. Also, raid mats for food and potions are always accepted. With the guild ...
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Guild News

Heroic Thok Down!

Progression continues as H Thok has been defeated. Making Retrospect the number one alliance guild on Skullcrusher.
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Heroic Spoils Down!!!

After a nice break from progression. We put Spoils 10 man SoO down.
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Heroic Malkorok Defeated

Heroic 10 man Malkorok defeated. Well done!
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Heroic 10man Dark Shamans down!!!

Heroic Dark Shamans down making Retrospect 8/14 H!
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Guild News

Another Heroic Kill in the Books!!!

10 man General Nazgrim has been defeated.
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Guild News

Diabolic Falls to Retro Again!!!!! 6/14 H

In a matter of 3 Raid nights. Retrospects 10 man has downed the first 6 Heroic Bosses in SoO.
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Guild News

25 man H Immerseus Down!

First heroic boss down! 1/14 Heroic 25 man.
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Hand of Wyndor

Get Good Wyndoor!

Before Hunter Buff... *dusts shoulders off*
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Guild News

New Guild Website Banner!!

Created by Me!!!!!!
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Guild News

Three Progression Kills in one week. 25man

Got Seigecrafter, and Paragons to make Retrospect 13/14 SoO!
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