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Who's that sexy mother fucker in the druid of the flame visual? Looks like he has a badass non combat pet out too.
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Better question is who is the God? Btw great work everyone was awesome having it happen in 3 attempts.

This most recent post exemplifies the standard that Retrofails fall into this category like no other on Skullcrusher at the moment. Worst of all, Wynndor is the GM and is quite possibly the most emo whiny wannabe hater I have ever encountered, who encourages and takes great pleasure in acting like a douchebag. If you are in Retrofail and do not enjoy the negative attention you receive, look no further then your self-serving ego maniac GM making moronic posts like this one on the forums or behaving like a juvenille delinquent in-game.

-Hordie after getting camped
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