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Retrospect runs a loot system based on an officer vote, known as Loot Council. The system is based on four cores of loot distribution: Progression, Reward, Upkeep, and Fairness. Before loot is passed to a member of the raid the council confers over these. They are prioritized as each Officer sees fit, and a vote is initiated.

Progression~~Loot goes to those most beneficial to the raid~~
In order to better progress, top players need to receive top-end tools to achieve the highest product. Loot will go to those players who will best benefit the guild's raid with it. The “best benefit” is decided by the Loot Council. Beneficialness is based on: Attendance, Performance, and Raid Import.


We expect:
On Time
100% raid attendance (3/3)
Prepared to change specs for raid

We despise:
Consistently absent
Unexcused tardiness
Constant “DC's”
Early leaves


We expect:
Higher DPS/Heals than gear details
Correct positioning/movement
Concept understanding

We despise:
Multiple deaths
Agro issues
Mouthing off, jabbering, bitching, just being annoying
Incorrect positioning/movement
Concept misunderstanding

Raid Import:

People who are more valued/useful/rare in a raid, such as tanks or exceptional players (heals or DPS) in need of gear.
Reward~~Players whom consistently show up, listen, and make raid life easier~~
Showing up for every raid is important and listening for your job and name with minimal back-talking makes raiding much better, more enjoyable and easier for the raid leaders and the Loot Council. Not QQing over an assignment or not getting gear makes the raid more productive, and keeps downtime low. Players whom show this discipline are generally more considered for gear.

Upkeep~~The necessary time and effort needed from the Officers to keep the system running~~
Upkeep in this system is indeed high but the Loot Council is up to it. It requires no mods but does require time per raid to decide on who gets which piece. It is a vote system with checks and balances.

Fairness~~The justification of passing out gear~~
The Loot Council “fairness” is based on its vote system of different officers with different opinions. If a member of the Council is in the roll for the item then the vote, usually omitted, is cast out. Officers are not prioritized over Core, rather on par with them. Core and Officers, however, are prioritized over New Additions and Member rankings.

This most recent post exemplifies the standard that Retrofails fall into this category like no other on Skullcrusher at the moment. Worst of all, Wynndor is the GM and is quite possibly the most emo whiny wannabe hater I have ever encountered, who encourages and takes great pleasure in acting like a douchebag. If you are in Retrofail and do not enjoy the negative attention you receive, look no further then your self-serving ego maniac GM making moronic posts like this one on the forums or behaving like a juvenille delinquent in-game.

-Hordie after getting camped
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